The Future of Customer Journey Analytics | DYD Podcast Episode #3

3 years ago   •   2 min read

By Chris Lubasch

In this episode, I will talk to Yali Sassoon - the co-founder of Snowplow Analytics - about The Future of Customer Journey Analytics.

Understanding their customers is a key desire of companies, whether in marketing, product or another context.  Yet, for most brands, it remains challenging. Why is that? How can we overcome these challenges? What‘s the benefit of doing so?

Similar to me and my consulting experiences, my guest Yali is sure that it‘s not only a technological problem. Measuring customer journeys is one thing, but reacting to them a much different. Ultimately, you want to create the best possible experience for your users, influence them to become great and loyal customers.

Yali will share his vast experience around this topic, as a former management consultant, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Snowplow.

The world of customer journey tracking and analytics is at an exciting turning point. Many would say it‘s a big unknown future ahead, which is limiting our customer understanding.

However, I see it as a big opportunity that comes with the necessity to change and adapt. From years of „let‘s track and analyze everything we can“, to digitally naked and exposed users - finally personal data privacy and fit-for-purpose analytics will take over.

What will the Future of Customer Journey Analytics look like? How will legislation (like GDPR etc.), ITP, and all other sorts of tracking prevention techniques shape it? But most importantly: What can I do as a company to stay ahead of the competition and not get lost?

Watch the data leadership interview here:

Yali Sassoon is the co-founder of Snowplow, the „behavioral data platform“. Clients use Snowplow for different reasons, from having a fully controlled Google Analytics alternative to building their own data pipeline in-house to empowering advanced data use cases.

It‘s also the third most-used web analytics tracker worldwide, so Yali and his colleagues are real experts when it comes to understanding and analyzing customer behavior (way beyond web analytics). I‘ve seen and built many business intelligence setups with Snowplow raw data as a core source of the user clickstream, it‘s a joy to work with and we will explain why in this episode, too.

Last but not least, we‘ll talk about Neotree, a non-profit organization that Yali is very active in. Neotree‘s mission is to help fighting child mortality in low-resource settings with the help of technology, allowing healthcare staff to make better and faster decisions about treatment in real-time.

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