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3 years ago   •   2 min read

By Chris Lubasch

It became a bit quiet about my newsletter in the last weeks. I've realised that my original format - weekly industry news - takes too much focus and energy. Hence, I've decided to stop it and spend my time on a new format, one that's likely more interesting as well. I will continue my newsletter, but only post when there's something more valuable to share, like a new release, new episode, etc. Like now.

My new format is a (video) podcast about Data Leadership. There are many good content pieces out in the wild, but only few of them talk about the business impact behind data - why it's important, what to do and how to get it right.

The podcast is called: DISRUPT YOUR DATA | The Data Leadership Podcast for business leaders. β€œStop talking about it, start having an impact with data”, that’s the mantra of this podcast.

This podcast is targeted at business leaders, who want to grow faster and create a real impact with Data, Analytics & AI. Whether you’re an executive, leading a department, or a functional team - benefit from best practices from over-performing companies and avoid stepping into classic pitfalls.

I will interview outstanding guests who share valuable learnings and their secret sauce to foster digital business success with data. They won't necessarily be data experts, but have proven a commercial impact with data in one way or the other - so you can do that, too.

While many companies have invested in data, analytics & AI over the last years, most of them yet only see a limited business impact.

The reasons are numerous, ranging from a missing overall data strategy to technical difficulties or challenges in establishing a data-driven company culture. Too many silos, too much data, too little insights. Hiring 10 data scientists, or solving everything with artificial intelligence, also doesn't do the trick.

It’s time to disrupt your data & analytics programs to create true commercial outcomes!

The first episode just went live: I interviewed Robert Ermich, a serial entrepreneur about data-driven brand marketing.

Click here to watch it on YouTube:

You can WATCH the video on YouTube, or LISTEN to the audio versions on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc. You will find all links and more information here:

What's your opinion on the podcast idea and the first episode? Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Talk soon,


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