Building a Single Source of Truth | DYD Podcast Episode #2

3 years ago   •   2 min read

By Chris Lubasch

Many companies who seek to become more data-driven have it on their target list: Building a "Single Source of Truth". That's a term coined in the world of business intelligence, which has the idea to bring all data analysis and insights together in one place, or one system.

Is such a Single Source of Truth the Holy Grail for business analytics or data democratization? Or is it just overrated? Maybe we should ask, is it even realistic to achieve - and how?

It's the exact opposite of the situation lots of companies still phase: having data silos all over the place, that limit their ability to connect and integrate data for holistic decisions.

In the second episode of "DISRUPT YOUR DATA - The Data Leadership Podcast", my guest is a strong supporter of the idea, paired with self-service analytics for everybody in the company.

I will talk with Nate Spohn, VP EMEA at Fivetran - a solution that puts all your data integration efforts at autopilot. Fivetran is a YCombinator alumni, backed by Andreessen Horowitz and other leading investors, and valued >$1.2B. Fivetran helps companies to build modern data stacks and solutions, so I'm sure Nate can share valuable insights from their client base.

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